CEC need 12.5 million USD to cover the budget deficit for the by-election, – Mahera

ЦИК нужно 12,5 млн грн, чтобы покрыть дефицит бюджета на довыборах, - Магера

The Central election Commission need 12.5 million USD to cover the budget deficit in the elections. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the Deputy Chairman of the CEC Andriy Mahera.

“The biggest problem faced by the CEC, is the lack of resources. We need about 12.5 million USD in order to cover the budget deficit in this election. I recall how it arose, the budget for 2016 laid hold elections only in four constituencies, and we hold elections on seven districts, so there is the budget deficit. I hope that Parliament will cover,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that now the state budget for these purposes provided the cost of $ 19 million 667 thousand 600 hryvnias that is “insufficient to provide in full the preparation and conduct of these elections this year”.

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According to preliminary calculations of the CEC, for the election to 32 million 167 thousand 600 hryvnias.

As you know, elections will be held on 17 July 2016 and will be held in seven constituencies. Namely, the Reis № 23 (Volyn oblast), OIO No. 27 (Dnipropetrovsk region), OIO No. 85 (Ivano-Frankivsk region), OIO No. 114 (Lugansk oblast), OVO No. 151 (Poltava region), OIO No. 183 (Kherson oblast), OIO No. 206 (Chernihiv region).