Champions League. Fribourg, Frelunda and Sparta are on, comeback växjö

Лига чемпионов. Фрибург, Фрелунда и Спарта проходят дальше, камбэк Векше

Hosted the second matches of the 1/4 final of the European hockey tournament, the Champions League.

Yesterday evening was the second leg of the quarterfinal of the Champions League matches, involving all eight clubs, unlike the first match, where one was played a day later.

In the first match was the Swedish Derby in which favorite confrontation was known in advance. The linköping had to play four goals and not to concede an own goal. This miracle did not work in the end, Frelunda produced a landslide victory with the score 5:2. The winners of the scroll decorated double Olofsson, an experienced and well-known Swede Joel Lundqvist, who gave three assists.

Linkoping – Frelunda 2:5 (1:1, 1:3, 0:1) (the sum of the two meetings 2:9)

Washers: 05:44 Olofsson (Lundqvist, Tommeras) – 0:1; 17:26 Lilja (K. A. Olimb, Lavenius) – 1:1; 22:49 Sandstrom (Lundquist) – 1:2; 31:29 Persson (little, Salmela – large.) – 2:2; 35:19 Olofsson (Tommeras, Wellman – large.) – 2:3; 39:57 Bergenheim (Rosell-Olsen, Las) – 2:4; 50:05 Wellman (Lundquist, Olofsson – great.) – 2:5

Goalkeepers: Nd. Johansson – Gustafsson

Shots: 28 – 35

Fine: 40 – 16

In the second meeting of the Swiss Fribourg on its site minimally beat the Czech team with the score 3:2. It is sufficient, as in the first game, the Swiss gave himself a head start in three goals and lose the advantage the team from Switzerland could not. The protagonist in the Swiss team was Julien Sprunger that assistance scored a hat-trick.

Fribourg – vítkovice 3:2 (2:1, 1:0, 0:1) (the sum of the two meetings – 8:4)

Washer: 16:12 Bulls (Sprunger, Berner) – 1:0; 16:42 Schastnaya (Zdrahal, Music) – 1:1; 19:40 Rathgeb (Bulls, Springer) – 2:1; 24:50 Mauldin (Sprunger, Bulls – large.) – 3:1; 50:19 German (Kafka) – 3:2

Goalkeepers: End – Bartoszek

Shots: 35 – 31

Penalty: 4 – 6

In the third match, the Swiss Zurich was not able to repeat the success of Fribourg and lost Swedish växjö with the score 2:3. Everything was decided in this meeting, as in the first game was recorded a goalless draw. After the first period it seemed that Zurich will continue, as the Swiss scored two unanswered goals, but in the second period, the hosts managed to equalize, and in the third and all to score the decisive goal three minutes before the final siren. The author of the decisive goal was Kalle Rosen, on account of a take.

Vaxjo – Zurich 3:2 (0:2, 2:0, 1:0) (the sum of the two meetings – 3:2)

Washer: 10:34 Geering (Blindenbacher Nilsson) – 0:1; 17:19 Nilsson (Vic, Rundblad) – 0:2; 32:51 R. Rosen (Leino, Zetterberg – large.) – 1:2; 37:40 K. Rosen (Hill, Westen) – 2:2; 56:30 K. Rosen (Murphy, R. Rosen – great.) – 3:2

Goalkeepers: Nd. Ericsson – Plorer

Shots: 18 – 21

Penalty: 6 – 24

And finally the meeting between the Czech Sparta and the Swiss Bern, who in the first game played draw with the score 1:1. In the second match things were different this time were stronger than the Czechs, who on the platform was dismantled the Swiss with the score 4:1. Until the mid-game was all tense and on the scoreboard kept the zeroes, but then the Czechs were able to come forward efforts of Juraj Mikusha. Guests instantly bounced back with the puck Tristan Servi. After this rather curious washer was missed by goalkeeper Bern Genoni: Miroslav Forman threw zero angle and the puck from the goalkeeper flew into the net, and two minutes later the Czechs the advantage of increased Lukasz Piech in the majority. In the final period Peter COMSTAT a counterattack and beat Genoni, put a point in this confrontation.

Sparta – Bern 4:1 (0:0, 3:1, 1:0) (the sum of the two meetings – 5:2)

Washer: 30:50 Mikus (Vrana – large.) – 1:0; 31:29 Servi (Hiser, M. Plus) – 1:1; 35:28 Forman (COMSTAT, infantry) – 2:1; 37:59 infantry (Glinka, Vrana – great.) – 3:1

Goalkeepers: Poppele – Genoni

Shots: 30 – 15

The penalty: 14 – 30

Thus, reached a semi-final of the Swedish Frelunda and växjö, Swiss Fribourg and Czech Sparta.

Semi-final pairs are as follows:

Fribourg (Switzerland) – Frelunda (Sweden)

Vaxjo (Sweden) – Sparta (Czech Republic)

The first semifinal match held on 10 January and the return match will take place exactly one week – January 17.

The same news on the Champions League. Fribourg, Frelunda and Sparta are on, comeback växjö

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