Championship capital city of Kiev

Чемпионат по инвестициям:  город Киев

Kiev is the center of attraction of investments in Ukraine. And no wonder – the capital. From a logistics standpoint, the city is very convenient

Two international airports, they. Sikorsky in Zhulyany and Boryspil near Kiev, their passenger traffic for the year 2018 was $ 2.8 million and 12.6 million respectively – a total of more than 80% of air passengers in the country. There is a major railway junction and the intersection of several international road routes.

In the capital are the headquarters of the largest Ukrainian companies and subsidiaries of foreign companies. They include such global giants as Cargill, Samsung, Imperial Tobacco, Porsche, Hyundai, Danone and a number of outsourcing IT companies. As a result, in 2018 the amount of capital investment per resident of Kiev, 5 times higher than the average for Ukraine indicator. And the export volume, three times more than the national average.

At the same time to assess the real volume of investments, which receives the capital as the area is quite difficult. Formally, the investments are recorded at the legal address of the Central offices of the companies, the funds is actually sent to the projects, spread across the regions. But, in any case, the key indicators of economic life of the city (both investments, exports, and gross regional product) is very revealing – because in Kiev there is a huge demand for various goods and services in the sector of B2C and B2B sector. And this demand largely creates the investment attractiveness of the city. On this appeal, including the evidence and the level of average wage in Kyiv is almost two times higher than the national average. It significantly exceeds the level of effective demand above the average in the country creates great opportunities for real estate development, retail and service.

Чемпионат по инвестициям:  город Киев



To the energy infrastructure of the capital investors have always been high requirements. Now, in terms of total digitalization, they are even higher. It is important not only reliability and quality of electricity supply, but also the ability to quickly and effortlessly connect to it. After the reform of the electricity market in Ukraine for the condition of the energy infrastructure in the capital is responsible for the distribution system operator DTEK “the Kiev power”.

The company is supervised by a Manager with European experience Mariss Kunickis already upgrading networks and equipment. The plan is to reprovisioning the mains, to increase the level of cyber security to meet the modern needs of business and residents of the capital.

Only in 2019 in these goals, DTEK “the Kiev power” to invest 368 million UAH, of which 45 million will go to install 25 thousand so-called “smart” meters, more than 50 million complete reconstruction of the substation “Bortnichi”, which will be the main source of nutrition for strategically important object of the capital of Bortnychi aeration station.

Kyiv authorities actively use the development budget to encourage investment into the city – it is in 2019 almost 17 UAH per capita.

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko recently boasted: as of the end of 2018, the Ukrainian capital was attracted to 16.9 billion dollars. investment. While Clicksaver that the city authorities create all the conditions so that foreign investors feel comfortable in Kiev, created jobs and paid taxes.

Despite the high cost of labor, real estate in the capital is very attractive for investment. Primarily in office, logistics, shopping malls, residentials, manufacture of finishing and construction materials, food products, woodworking and other consumer goods.

Чемпионат по инвестициям:  город Киев