Championship investment: Kherson region

Чемпионат по инвестициям: Херсонская область

Kherson region due to climatic conditions has a great potential for agribusiness. Located close to the administrative border with Crimea creates risks, but the situation in the region stable.

Well-developed transportation network and access to the Black and Azov seas is also among advantages of the region. Kherson seaport has an annual turnover of about 3 million tons. The region has its own international airport in Kherson, its passenger traffic for the year 2018, amounted to 150 thousand people (the seventh-largest in the country), also has a sea port.

However, the potential of the Kherson region is not used in full: its economic growth for 2018 amounted to only 0.6%, this is one of the lowest in the country.

One of the largest in the field of enterprises with foreign investment – the manufacturer of dry building mixes “Henkel Bautechnik”, it belongs to the German company Henkel.

2017 in the Kherson region commissioned a plant for the production of organic fertilizers “terracorsa of Ukraine” solar power plant “Belozerka” Trifonovskaya solar power plant, which the company DTEK built in record short time, just five months after investing in the project to 10 million euros.

Чемпионат по инвестициям: Херсонская область



The volume of exports per capita in the region at almost 80 % below the average for Ukraine indicator. Gross regional product per capita almost 40 percent below the national average, and the level of wages in the region are 30% lower than the average.

Regional authorities have little use the development budget to encourage investment in the region – it is in 2019 only 0.28 UAH per capita.

In the Kherson regional state administration to the Correspondent have informed that in region the Program of development of investment activity and international cooperation to 2019-2021 years. The programme is being implemented 62 investment projects worth about 112 billion. In addition, reconstruction of the international airport of Kherson, which has already invested 70 million UAH.

“Kherson region has a number of unique advantages: the largest area of irrigated land in Europe, a unique opportunity for the development of tourism, one of the best indicators of insolation and wind energy,” – says about the region the Director of Department of investment and industrial policy of the Kherson regional state administration Tatiana Uzhviy.

Чемпионат по инвестициям: Херсонская область