Championship of Ukraine on football is one of the toughest in Europe

Чемпионат Украины по футболу - один из самых грубых в Европе

In France and Romania, the referee often removes players from the field

The football Observatory CIES compared the average of yellow and red cards in different Championships.

Ukrainian Premier League – one of the toughest Championships in Europe. Such data are published by the football Observatory CIES, examining averages are shown in yellow and red cards in the European Championships.

The most flagrant was the Greek League, where an average match referees show 5,52 card. Second in the ranking is the Romanian League, and the third is the Ukrainian Premier League. In our League referees to show 5.41 average cards per match – 5,21 yellow cards and 0.2 red cards per match.

CIES notes that most of the cards shown by the referees in southern and Eastern Europe, whereas in the Northern part of the continent is an indicator of the least.

Also interesting is the fact that in England the judges less than the average shown red cards, while in France when a small amount of yellow cards, the referees often remove players.

Чемпионат Украины по футболу - один из самых грубых в Европе

Earlier wrote that the referee faked a strike to remove him from the field.

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