Changes in the CPC will block the investigation of serious crimes – NABOO

Изменения в УПК заблокируют расследование тяжких преступлений – НАБУ

NABU turned to Poroshenko

NABU urged Poroshenko to veto the amendments to articles 132, 234, 242 and 303 of the criminal procedure code of Ukraine.

NABU calls on President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to veto the changes to bill No. 6232 of the Criminal procedural code of Ukraine because they, in the case of entry into force, will inhibit the investigation of serious and particularly serious crimes and will make it impossible to bring the perpetrators to justice. On Wednesday, October 4, reported the press service of the Ministry.

According to the NEB, the bill No. 6232 contains a number of contradictions. For example, an amendment to article 219 of the CPC of Ukraine provides for the restriction of pretrial investigation of serious crimes for up to 6 months from the moment of entering information in eRDR with the ability to continue the investigation of the court for another six months.

The Ministry stressed that the disclosure and investigation of complex corruption schemes in such a short time is impossible. For example, in the investigation associated with the withdrawal of funds abroad, the detectives NAB show chain, consisting on average of 7-10 units through which stolen Ukrainian money is transferred to the ultimate beneficiaries. For the evidence in the case the detectives must analyze the banking industry of each link. In such circumstances, only to disclose the banking secrecy according to article 164 of the criminal procedure code the investigator will need at least 7-10 months, not to mention further expert research.

Also in the NEB, called the controversial amendments to articles 132, 234, 242 and 303 of the criminal procedure code of Ukraine.

Given this, the Ministry urges Poroshenko to veto the amendments to the criminal procedure code.

We will remind, on Tuesday, 3 October, deputies in the second reading and in General voted for the bill No. 6232 on amendments to several codes and regulations that launches judicial reform.