Channel Ukraine won a lawsuit for the TV series “bloody junta”

Канал Украина выиграл суд по сериалу с "кровавой хунтой"

A fragment from the 66th episode of the series “do Not promise”

The court reversed the decision of the national Council to issue a warning to the TV channel.

The Metropolitan court reversed the decision of the national Council on television and radio, which the regulator issued to the TV channel Ukraine is a warning for the broadcast of the TV series “No promise”, in the 66 series which was “positively depicted the militants of Donbass”. Accordingly the decision was taken by the District administrative court of Kiev according to the Detector media.

The court found that the decision of the national Council is based on the expert opinion of the Deputy Director on scientific work, Institute of social and political psychology of national Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of psychological Sciences Lyubov Naidenova.

According to the judges, it is the expert opinion drawn up by a person having appropriate expertise in the field of mass communication and media education. However, it may not be mandatory and is not the document that confirms the existence of the side channel acts causing harm and violating the legitimate rights and interests of persons.

We will remind, in April the Council decided to contact the security Service of Ukraine to give their assessment of the series “do Not promise”.