Charitable Foundation Maksim Shkil congratulated veterans of the deaf Zhytomyr

Благотворительный фонд Максима Шкиля поздравил неслышащих ветеранов Житомирщины

Victory Day, the volunteers of the Charity Fund Maksim Shkil “Together to the future” congratulated the deaf war veterans.

The hunger, the bombings, losing loved – blind combatants with pain remember for them – the silent war pictures:

“War is very scary when everything explodes around you, little children maimed, burned a lot. I was deaf, but helped all our soldiers as they could. I fed ammunition to the military along with his mother. We were lucky to survive, and I was awarded,” recalls the terrible events of the war party Tishkovsky Arsenty the silvestrovich.

Veterans very happy guests – representatives of the Zhytomyr regional organization of UTOG and Charity Fund Maksim Shkil “Together to the future”.

Of course, food packages, towels, chocolates, flowers, useful. However, the greatest gift in the Day of Victory for them is communication, memory and respect. Children and grandchildren who are caring for people venerable age, I assure a Victory in their families is in the first place. This family tradition in memory of the fallen, in gratitude to grandparents for life!

May 9, memories through tears and pain, veterans who are unable to Express their emotions, gestures show – broken soul. I wish all the guests, relatives and Ukraine – the WORLD!

The press service of the Charity Fund Maksim Shkil “Together to the future”