Cheese helps reduce the risk of diabetes – scientists

Сыр помогает снижать риск диабета – ученые

Cheese helps prevent diabetes

Canadian researchers Scientists have discovered the ability of the cheese to maintain a normal level of blood sugar.

Cheese can maintain normal blood sugar levels as dairy product reduces the insulin resistance. The use of this product is the prevention of type II diabetes, according to MedicalXpress.

Researchers from the University of Alberta (Canada) have conducted experiments on mice, which were divided into three groups, each of which were fed fat. The rodents from the two groups were also given cheese with different fat content.

In the end, the mice who consumed the product of any kind, showed a reduction of insulin resistance.

According to scientists, this suggests that the beneficial effect of cheese is likely not associated with the amount of fat and with some other important component – protein or calcium.

Earlier, scientists called the ideal Breakfast for diabetes. In addition, it was reported that regular consumption of alcohol reduces the risk of diabetes.

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