Chelsea fans celebrated a victory over Tottenham anti-Semitic songs

Фанаты Челси отметили победу над Тоттенхэмом антисемитскими песнями

Fans of Aristocrats showed not aristocratic manners, singing in the London underground the song anti-Semitic content.

Last Saturday, Chelsea produced the most important from the point of view of competition is victory over Tottenham. The joy of the fans of the club, apparently, was through the roof. Not knowing how to Express their emotions, they have not invented anything better than to sing songs of anti-Semitic nature of the London underground.

These songs were chosen for the performance after the match with Tottenham is not just. The fact that the Spurs are considered the team of the fans where a very large percentage of Jews. Many representatives of this nationality working in the club structure. All this is explained simply, a large Jewish community lives in North London and that is where, we recall, is based and Tottenham.

Will there be any investigation after a published video is not clear because the incident occurred far outside the stadium. We will add that the fans are Blue not the first time the distinguished racist antics.

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