Chemicals in the sewer make fish males females scientists

Химикаты в канализации делают из рыб-самцов самок - ученые

Chemicals in the sewer make fish males females

This is facilitated by some substances that are washed in the toilets and sinks.

A group of British scientists stated that chemical substances that are profusely washed in the toilets and sinks for urban households, fall into river and cause a sudden change in the body of the fish. Thus, the chemicals contribute to the fact that some fish males behave as females, reports the BBC Russian service.

It is primarily on freshwater fish, who led the research says Professor Charles Tyler of Exeter University in the South of England. According to his observations, males in the rivers of Britain are showing a decreased level of aggression, you lose the ability to compete and the quality of sperm and in some species even starting to spawn.

Among the substances that can have such an impact on fish, Professor Tyler calls the ingredients of birth control pills, detergents, cosmetics and some kinds of plastic.

According to the scientist, the changes affected about 20% live in British rivers the male fish. The changes relate to different aspects of behavior.

“Research showed that many other substances that fall into the river with treated water, affecting the behaviour of fish. For example, antidepressant drugs reduce the level of their natural fear, and this affects how they respond to predators,” says the Professor.

In 2009, the study by scientists from the American University of Rochester have come to the conclusion that boys who were exposed in the womb to chemicals contained in some types of plastic, are less interested in such things, as machines, are reluctant to participate in the tough boyish games and usually stay out of fights.

As pointed out by scholars, there are some types of plastics, whose chemical formula is very similar in structure to the female hormone estrogen.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that the scientists brought the fish mutant with the color of the 70 colors.


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