Chemist and Cherkasy Mavpy won the first matches of the playoffs

Химик и Черкасские Мавпы выиграли стартовые матчи плей-офф

In the Ukrainian basketball super League kicked off series of the playoffs.

Cherkasy Mavpy in the first match of the super League play-offs defeated the team from Odesa PUTT.

The key to the match was the first quarter, during which the hosts managed to break away from opponents by 17 points.

In the next ten minutes the visitors tried to impose themselves on the wards Maxim Michelson, however, the advantage Mait only increased and by the end of the game was 26 points.

The hero of the match was Alexander Kolchenko, who once again demonstrated its leadership with 18 points became the most productive player of the match. Also worth noting is the play of the point guard Igor boyarkina, which is organized Map game, adding 13 points 8 assists.

Cherkasy Mavpy – PUTT 92:66 (32:15, 17:18, 15:13, 28:20)

Cherkasy Mavpy: Kolchenko 18, Boyarkin 13+8 assists+4 rebounds, Davies 11+4 rebounds, 11 Kalinichenko

BEEPS: the Artamonov 12, Kushnirov 11+7 rebounds, 10 Funderburk

In the other match of the day yuzhnensky Chemist crushed in native walls Nikolaev. The yuzhnenets seized the initiative in the first quarter and then continued to build the lead.

The key in this match was high-scoring play of a trio of yuzhnenets Konev-Smith-Love. They were joined by Petrov, successfully emerged from the bench, making the dominance of a Chemist under the boards even more significant.

Khimik – Mykolaiv 95:67 (26:18, 24:18, 23:16, 22:15)

Chemist: Konev 20 + 13 rebounds, Smith 17, 8 assists, Lav 16 + 10 rebounds, Petrov 14 + 8 rebounds, Antipov 13

Nikolaev: Onufriev 19, Chemiakin 16 + 12 rebounds, Ivanov 11

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