Chemist beat Volynmarket, finishing second in the regular season

Химик обыграл Волыньбаскет, финишировав вторым в регулярном чемпионате

Chemist – Volynmarket

Yuzhnensky Chemist he won the first part of the championship of Ukraine.

Despite the second match in two days Volynmarket started the game very vigorously in the South. Guests were laid on both sides of the court, showing in the opening stages of the match, despite outsider status, will try to do everything possible to slam the door in the last match of the regular season.

A team of Tchaikovsky for the first quarter with the percentage of 50+ sold 6 three-pointers, which allowed it to withstand equal to the champion – after the starting period the advantage of the Chemist was a symbolic one.

In the second quarter the hosts who had the advantage in the paint thanks to a dimensional blowing Love of Peter, as before, was leading in the score, however, a big break went with just a 6-point advantage. On the scoring play Smith guests responded with a frantic dedication and excellent performance from the trio Polylac – Tymoshchuk – Fedchuk, which helped guests to stay afloat in the first half of the game.

The entire game it seemed that the champion’s about to make a decisive push that will kill the intrigue in this match. However, Volynmarket did everything to match it was fun to watch until the very end and for the first time in the match did not lose a quarter, ending the third quarter in a draw.

Chemist more the opponent lost the ball and after the break worse attacked with the game, keep the intrigue until the last quarter where the guests could not resist. Volynmarket is as well defended, but this time he failed to convert their shots, allowing the Chemist to make a decisive breakthrough. As a result, the yuzhnenets ended the match with a victory and booked a second place in the table at the end of the regular season. Volynmarket finished the season with 4 wins in 27 matches.

Chemist – Wollenbecker 81:70 (21:20, 21:16, 17:17, 22:17)

Chemist: Smith 16 + 4 assists, Konev 15 + 8 rebounds + 6 assists, Lav 14 + 7 rebounds

Salinibacter: Polylac 18, Fedchuk 15, Tymoshchuk 8, Kotsky 8

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