Chemist big losers at the start of the group stage of the Cup of Europe FIBA

Химик крупно проиграл на старте группового этапа Кубка Европы ФИБА

Chemist lost in the opening match of the European Cup

Chemist on the platform without a chance lost to Buyukcekmece.

Yuzhnensky Chemist spent perhaps his worst game of the season, all articles of the Turkish Buyukcekmece losing in the first round of the group stage of the Cup of Europe FIBA.

Buyukcekmece arrived in Ukraine without the two leaders and in a truncated composition, but the Chemist failed to take advantage of it.

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The Ukrainian team showed a terrible defensive performance, proigryvat power struggle in the paint and leaving regularly on the arc space for snipers opponent, and Erving Walker were often under the ring. At the same time, the attack of the hosts is also not particularly wrong.

As a result, the beginning of each quarter Buyukcekmece went into the lead, and the Chemist was a bit close in the end, when not having the large rotation basketball players of the Turkish club was tired. But every ten minutes the visitors ‘ advantage grew and eventually reached 20 points.

Chemist (Ukraine) – Buyukcekmece (Turkey) – 60:80 (19:24, 12:15, 15:23, 14:18)

Chemist: Coulter (16 + 6 assists), Sidorov (7), Pavlov (4), Arians (2), Petrov (4) – start; Malczewski (4 + 7 rebounds), Marchenko (3), Ryabchuk (11), Antipov (9 + 5 rebounds)

Buyukcekmece: C. Walker (15 + 5 assists), Stojanovski (7 + 5 rebounds), Baykan (18), Yildizli (7 + 5 rebounds), Kairys (9 + 7 rebounds) – start; Simpson (14 + 6 rebounds), Yildiz (5), Selenium (5 rebounds), Mutlu (5), Altinkalem

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