Chemist devastatingly lost in Belgium

Химик разгромно проиграл в Бельгии

The chemist suffered another defeat in UEFA club competition

Vice-champion of Ukraine suffered another defeat in the Cup of Europe FIBA.

Yuzhnensky Chemist lost the fourth match of the group stage of the Cup of Europe FIBA, having conceded with the devastating account in Belgium Mons – 51:75.

Khimik started the game well, tactically build a defense and equal held the first period, even winning it at two points.

However, in the second period, everything crumbled. The hosts have drawn conclusions, began to find opportunities for shots from behind the arc and quickly went into the lead. Simultaneously, the Chemist, a crisis in attack. A full defense of Mons in a three-second still blocked the way to the ring, and the distance the yuzhnenets did not fall. In the end, for the first time Ukrainians were able to score for almost six minutes after the beginning of the period, missing during this time, 15 points. Before the break the guests were able only partially to establish the game in defense and left to rest, losing “-14”.

The third quarter began to the Chemist with still five and a half minutes without points. When the score difference reaches 25 points, the match can be stopped, but unfortunately for the Ukrainians had yet to finish.

Mons (Belgium) – Khimik (Ukraine) – 75:51 (17:19, 22:6, 23:6, 13:20)

Mons: K. Jones (5 + 4 assists), DEMPS (7 + 4 assists), green (12 + 5 rebounds), Cage (2), Reddick (12 + 7 rebounds + 2 block-Shota) – start; Lemar (5), Tybee (14 + 7 rebounds) Hit (2 + 5 rebounds), Mortal (5), Francois (2 + 8 rebounds), Lasisi (9)

Chemist: Coulter (8), Sidorov (6 + 5 rebounds), Ariens (3), Antipov (8), Petrov (10) – start; John. Love (4), Malczewski (4), Marchenko, Pavlov (8), Ryabchuk

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