Chernihiv Desna has not started in the Premier League, is not issuing the certificate

Черниговскую Десну не пустили в Премьер-лигу, не выдав аттестат

The gum refused a certificate for participation in the Premier League, so the second ticket will receive third place Veres.

Desna has not received a certificate for participation in the UPL, but did not accept it and appealed. However, the court took the side of Chernigov. This writes

Initially, problems with tolerance, were the Veres, but the club from Exactly won the appeal and should play in the Ukrainian Premier League in the 2016/2017 season.

In the final table of the Premier League roventi lost the Gum 6 points.

Chernihiv, the club issued a press release threatening to stop funding the club.

“Desna had secured second place, which gave the right to direct ticket in the Premier League. Apparently, it is not necessary to remind you what that means for our region — this region has never been represented in the elite division. And that year long dream became a reality — a team under the leadership of Alexander Ryabokon almost perfect went the tournament distance, never losing in 2017, thus defeating its main rival — Veres Rivne — in his field.

For several days in a row all Chernigov is talking about the part of the Gums in the Premier League. Even people who have little interest in football, already asking when in Chernigov will come to Dynamo and Shakhtar. There is no doubt that matches of the Desna in Chernihiv will be sold out, the team have long been waiting for in their own stadium. But are there long-term dream of Chernigov?

What is the main criterion for promotion? The answer is obvious — a sports principle. And there can be no other options. His game gums looked out of place in the Premier League, and this despite the fact that the team is no match is not held in their own stadium, in fact the entire season after being on the road. Gums during their confrontation defeated Veres and Illichivets became the best team in the 2017 in the First League and not be able to rise in class?

The gums, which is the principle of the sport has earned the right to promotion and leads its infrastructure in accordance with the requirements of the elite division, will again remain in the First League, and Veres, who gave northerners in all respects, and does not have the infrastructure, will play in the Premier League? A logical question arises — what is the point to invest in the development of the club, if the principle of sport is forgotten entirely and the winner is determined not on the football field and in the offices?

Given the circumstances, we are confident that our fans will understand the situation. If you planned to develop the club for the first time in the history of Chernigov bring it to the top division and not play there because of the actions of officials, the normal further development of the club is simply impossible”, – said in a statement Chernihiv club.

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