Chernomorets have the Dawn of two million

Черноморец должен Заре два миллиона гривен

Sergey Rafailov

CEO Dawn spoke about the duty of the Odessa club.

CEO Dawn Sergey Rafailov commented on the situation around the debt before the Chernomorets Odessa Zorya in the Europa League match dawn – Manchester United.

“The claim of Dawn is that Chernomorets have not paid our club that some of the money that belongs to the Dawn for the match against Manchester United.

We have a contract, there is an act of reconciliation by the number of tickets, which they provided. Confirmed amount of how much they have money. This is slightly more than 2 million UAH.

There is a bilateral agreement Dawn Chernomorets to host the matches of the Europa League, which clearly States the amount of rent, utilities, security, ambulance. And for that, dawn pays 600 thousand UAH.

In addition, the contract has a point: the amount of the proceeds from the sale of tickets, shares in the proportion of 40% Chernomorets and 60% of the Dawn. For the first 2 matches, they have transferred the money, and the latter is not.

The money was the same, they are not virtual – tickets sold. Took away the amount of rest to give according to the contract,” – said Rafailov.

Earlier the press reported that the dawn will sue Chernomorets in connection with the debt.

The same news on Chernomorets have the Dawn of two million

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