Chernomorets minimally defeated Zirka

Черноморец минимально обыграл Зирку

Alexander Babich

The charges of Oleksandr Babych claimed a comeback win over Zirka Kropiwnicki, in the framework of the 16th round of the championship of Ukraine.

The match in Odessa was important for both teams. Chernomorets is on the verge of the upper and lower half of the table, besides the inhabitants of Odessa are breathing in the back of the players Vorskla, winning and maintaining the top-6 for the Sailors is paramount. Near the top of the standings are kropiwnicka, but today’s failure a few threw them back.

Note that just an incredible start to the match was asked by the players. Already in the third minute of the match the guests came forward: a magnificent pass from deep came from Igor Zagorskogo, and then took the ball ahead Bilonog, moved into the penalty area and beat the goalkeeper.

Long lasting joy guests because Odessans are equalized by the middle of the first half, and the whole team of Babich looked more confident on the field, often nasedaya near the opposition penalty area. In the end, it bore fruit, when Tretyakov gave a great pass against forward Dmitry Korkishko, and he had no problems beating him slizistogo Paste – 1:1. A few minutes later Korkishko could do the double and bring his team ahead, but his header from a free kick the sphere hit the post and flew out of bounds.

Odessa tied the score and took control of the game on the field in the first half, started the second half in the same pace with their advantage. Quickly in the second half, the hosts again hit the woodwork Pasta – after a failed game of the goalkeeper with his head beaten Martynenko, but the ball rose over the crossbar.

Attack Chernomorets was becoming more and more dangerous in nature and were held more often. In the end, the determining factor was the decision Babich enhance the game Alexander Andrievsky, who scored the decisive goal in this match in the 78th minute of the game. After a corner round bounced to the free Andrievsky, which, despite the large number of players into the penalty box, managed to find a gap and send the ball in the net Paste 2:1. In the end, the Sailors could lose the victory, but in an attempt to Moya coped Borovik, taking the ball from under the crossbar.

As a result, Chernomorets produces an important home victory, not allowing yourself Vorskla, which parallel the game snatched all three points in the final minutes of the meeting.

ernomerec – Zirka 2:1

Goals: Korkishko, 25, Andrievsky, 78 – Bilonog, 3

Chernomorets: Borovik – Danchenko, Martynenko, Osacky, Cradle – Filimonov, Smirnov – Tretyakov (Khoblenko, 71), Korkishko, Tatarko (Andrievsky, 58) – Kalitvintsev (Masalitin, 84)

Zirka: Pasta Benko, Kovalev, Pereira, Bacula (Kalinin, 83) – Bilonog, Zagalski (Moya, 59) – Lupasco (Zubkov, 75), Favorov, Generous – Sitalo

Warning: Filimonov, Danchenko, Smirnov – Bacula, Zagalsky, Sitalo, Zubkov

Deleted: Zubkov, 84

The same news on minimum Chernomorets defeated Zirka

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