Chernysh has told, how the budget is laid on the Ministry for the occupied territories

Черныш рассказал, сколько бюджетных средств заложено на министерство по оккупированным территориям

In the state budget for activities of the Ministry of occupied territories and internally displaced persons and laid more than seven million, said in an interview with “the Crimean news” the head of Department Vadim Chernysh.

According to him, another three million are planned for service by the ARC.

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“The Ministry was founded more than seven million, and three million on the service in the Crimea. Of course, we will ask a few million from the top in order to rent and equip the space, pay for heat and things like that, ” he said.

According to the Minister, the Ministry is working with international partners who are willing to provide money for the restoration of peace in Ukraine.

“There is a preliminary donors, some a few months ago that are ready at fair and transparent conditions, to provide funds for the restoration of peace in Ukraine. This is a number of donors that operate through our two partners: first and foremost is the world Bank, we actually work very actively,” said Blackie.

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As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers created the Ministry of the occupied territories and internally displaced persons.

The new Agency created by reorganization of the existing two – State Agency for restoration of Donbas and Public service on issues of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol.

We will remind, the new government appeared, Deputy Prime Minister-Minister of occupied territories and ATO, they became Mr Question, as well as the Minister for the ATO and the occupied territories – took the position of Director Vladimir Chernysh, and the Ministry will be formed on the basis of National Agency on restoration of Donbass.

As reported, on April 14, the Verkhovna Rada has elected a new Prime Minister Groisman. On the same day was approved the composition of the Cabinet, and the program of its activities.