Chief designer of Antonov resigned and left Ukraine – media

Главный конструктор Антонова уволился и уехал из Украины – СМИ

Dmytro Kiva will help Azerbaijan to create the aviation industry

Dmitry Kiva said that she was going to create the transportation sector of Azerbaijan.

General designer of craigspalfree Antonov Dmitry Kiva moved from Kiev to Baku, where it will build the planes to Azerbaijan. He said this in comments to the information Agency RNS.

“Yes, I made that decision. It quite deliberately. I hope I will be able to implement aviation projects in the interests of Azerbaijan,” – said Kiva.

Asked about this decision, Kiva said, “My position in the Antonov simply abolished… According to my information, this was done on the orders of “high officials”. So leave me just was not.”

Dmitry Kiva is a developer of military-transport aircraft An-70, passenger aircraft An-148 and An-158 regional passenger aircraft An-140 military transport aircraft An-178.

Since 1964 worked at Antonov ASTC. Antonov. In 2006 he became the General designer of the enterprise, two years later he headed the state concern. In 2009, for outstanding contribution in strengthening economic potential of Ukraine and significant contribution to the development of the domestic aviation industry has received the title of hero of Ukraine.

As reported Корреспондент.netthis week it became known that the Antonov lost in Russia, the court at $3 million. The Moscow arbitration court ordered Ukrainian aviation state-owned enterprises that amount in the form of a penalty.