Chief of detectives to NAB suspended because of the scandal in the defense media

Руководитель детективов НАБУ отстранен из-за скандала в оборонке - СМИ

Kaluzinski was removed from office after talking Sytnyk with the US Ambassador in Ukraine Jovanovic, write media.

The Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau Artem Sytnik has dismissed the head of the main division of detectives to NAB Andrew Kalinskogo, which is figuranten in the materials of the investigation of corruption in the defense industry. It is reported by Business Capital, citing a source in the Bureau.

It is noted that Kaluzinski continues to go to work, but detectives while he did not obey.

Clarifies that the suspension happened after a conversation Sytnik, who Kaluzinski have the Fox, with the US Ambassador in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch regarding the corruption scandal, with the detectives NAB in the case with the schemes in the defense industry.

“Jovanovic was furious that the detectives NAB was involved in the scandal, and demanded that the rush to take urgent measures,” says the source.

The publication notes that the reason for such a reaction of the Ambassador was the publication of the correspondence of the defendants in the case of the schemes in the defense industry. According to the released materials Kaluzinski personally acquainted with one of the suspects Andrew Cattail, and overseen Kalinskogo detectives have an informal relationship with the businessmen involved in this case.

“So, from the correspondence it can be concluded that Cattail Kalinskogo personally congratulates on the New year and accept greetings in response and subordinates Kalinskogo regularly communicate and meet with businessmen. In particular it is the detectives NAB, judging by the correspondence, he addressed the issue of exclusion of the company Optionspecial from the list of companies with signs of fictitiousness. Also, from the correspondence we can conclude that businessmen gave the detectives NAB an expensive gift”, – the newspaper writes.

Earlier in the NEB announced that otsenili two detectives involved in the investigation of journalists.

As you know, a Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office opened a case against the NAB because of the schemes in the defense, including against rush.

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