Child support arrears reached $ 1 billion

Задолженность по алиментам достигла 1 миллиарда

In the courts is 670 thousand of Executive proceedings for compulsory collection of child support.

According to the estimates of the Ombudsman for children’s rights Nikolay Kuleba the amount of the arrears of maintenance for children is about 1 billion UAH.

“In the course of 2015 in the bodies of State Executive service, according to the official data of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine, there were 671 449 Executive production on compulsory collecting of the alimony (including foreign judgments). Of them are made only every fifth production”, – said the Commissioner.

Kuleba submitted for consideration of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on family matters, youth policy and sports of the bill “to improve the protection of children’s right to proper maintenance”.

According to coleby, the bill will resolve some question in the legislation relating to the recovery of child support and the ambiguity of judicial practice.

He also stressed that these changes in legislation will encourage payers of alimony to a bona fide fulfilment of its obligations under the maintenance of children. Is expected to reduce the number of cases for alimony, in which there is a debt.

Previously evaders from paying alimony offered to send first in zone anti-terrorist operation.

In Estonia for failure to pay alimony will be deprived of the right to drive and the hunt

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