China expects record sales on Black Friday

Китай ожидает рекордные продажи в Черную пятницу

China expects influx of buyers

11 Nov Chinese-online platforms that promise big discounts.

The number of Express deliveries on November 11 from China will be 1 billion, and set a world record. This is stated in a joint report by the market research Nilson and Research Institute of Alibaba, the newspaper writes People Chine.

As noted, to the annual Black Friday in China, which falls on November 11 is a day of discounts on products on the Chinese online platforms. Last year on this day, a perfect online shopping platform Alibaba broke the world record and reached the amount of 120.7 billion yuan (18.3 billion U.S. dollars). The scale of sales has spread to 235 countries and regions of the world.

According to reports, from 2012 to 2016, the number of online buyers in China, with 242 million increased to 467 million e-Commerce from 8.1 trillion yuan (1.2 trillion U.S. dollars) increased to 26.1 trillion yuan (4 trillion U.S. dollars), and annual growth was 34%. Including the amount of online sales in the difference from 1.31 trillion yuan (198,5 bln USD) increased to 5.16 trillion yuan (781,8 billion U.S. dollars), the annual growth amounted to 40% contribution in value added the total amount from the retail sales of public consumer goods 17% increased to 30%. Jobs that has created e-Commerce, has doubled – from 15 million to 37 million.

At the same time, China seeks to expand international cooperation in the field of electronic Commerce and to establish mechanisms within APEC, the SCO, BRICS, G20. China also signed bilateral documents on cooperation in the field of e-Commerce with other 6 countries: France, New Zealand, Vietnam etc.

Executive Chairman of the Federation of national online sales Australia Paul Greenberg noted that in the West there is a similar stock sales, but “11.11” China is a new business model, advanced supply chain, logistics plan and a safe and convenient method of payment. All of this is the contribution of China in the global business environment.

Recall, the Internet was released pictures and videos from black Friday in the United States. Shows how supermarkets it is hype, people stand in queues, terms of crowds and stampedes.