China has built a plant in the form of a Panda

В Китае построили электростанцию в виде панды

The unusual appearance of the power plant aims to promote the use of solar energy.

In Northern China, in Shanxi province, built a solar power plant in the form of a Panda with a capacity of 50mW. It is expected that when the project Panda Green Energy is completed, the capacity will be doubled, according to Mashable.

As noted in Panda Green Energy, unusual appearance of the plant can inspire young Chinese interested in the use of solar energy, as well as to attract tourists.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the United Nations development programme. The company hopes to build a power plant in the form of a Panda in the other countries of Central and South-East Asia. In addition, she has developed projects inspired by other representatives of local fauna such as the Koala bear or the Rhino.

Earlier in the Chinese city of Huainan in Anhui province has earned the world’s largest floating fotoelectrochimice.