China has conducted the first ever quantum teleportation

В Китае провели первую в истории квантовую телепортацию

The Chinese held the first teleport 500 meters

Scientists sent from Earth to a satellite object, which has overcome the distance of 500 km.

In China, scientists first realized quantum teleportation by sending the object from the Earth to the satellite, reports BBC News.

The publication reports that during the operation, a photon travelling a distance of over 500 kilometers and arrived at the “Mo Tzu”, the first satellite, which is designed for quantum communication.

The satellite specialists have been installed highly sensitive optical receiver for recognizing the quantum state of individual photons launched from the Ground.

It is noted that teleportation based on the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, calling for the formation of two photons at the same time and place, and have the same functions.

Thus, even in the conditions of their separation by a large distance, the connection between them is maintained.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that the reason for the discussion was the video with the “teleportation” in Russia.