China has developed space microracer

В Китае разработали космическую микроракету

The missile can simultaneously send into space for several vehicles

Rocket Jielong-1 can lift a weight of 150 kg into a sun-synchronous orbit with altitude of 700 kilometers.

The Chinese Corporation aerospace science and technology (CASC), presented his new microrocket Jielong-1. It is reported by Xinhua on Wednesday, August 1.

It is noted that this missile was the first in a series of miniature and small solid media Lightning Dragon. She is able to lift a weight of 150 kg into a sun-synchronous orbit with altitude of 700 kilometers.

According to the developer of the new missile company Chinarocket at CASC, Jielong-1 is featured by short production cycle. Such a missile could be prepared for launch within 24 hours after delivery to the airfield, and its collection can complete in six months after signing the contract.

“Rocket “warehouse” with a diameter of 1.1 meters and a height of 1.5 meter can also simultaneously send into space several space vehicles”, – stated in the message.

As the creators say, the cost of running microrocket Jielong-1 will be below their counterparts in the international market.

In Chinese, the word “Jielong” means dragon, which is characterized by high speed, mobility and flexibility, explained the President Chinarocket tan Yagan.

Remember, China is preparing its own orbital space station. It can be up to three astronauts and six – during a crew change. By 2020, China intends to launch a module that will be the main part of the station.

Earlier it was reported that in 2018, China plans to launch 40 rockets, including his most powerful at the moment, the Changzheng-5 (long March 5).

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