China plans to naturalize nine players before the world Cup in 2022

Китай планирует натурализовать девять футболистов перед ЧМ-2022

Elkeson (AI Kesen)

The citizenship was received by the Brazilian Elkeson.

The Chinese football Association intends to organize a global naturalization of players before the world Cup in 2022 in Qatar. It is reported by Xinhuanet.

Related this policy with the aim to bring the Chinese team at the world Cup. To achieve these plans, the Association is going to naturalize another nine players with another nationality.

“We want to go to Qatar. Naturalized players can help us in achieving this goal. If the Chinese team can reach the next stage of qualification, we can provide several naturalized players.

Note that this will not be a long term policy of the Chinese football Association. We are planning to make a number of naturalized players limited,” – said the President of the Chinese football Association.

It is noteworthy that this week’s Brazilian midfielder Elkeson became a Chinese citizen and the first ever naturalized player “heaven”. Interestingly, the 30-year-old Brazilian was also given a new Chinese name – AI Kesen.

Earlier it was reported that FIFA is considering options for replacing the venue of the 2022 world Cup.

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