China sends first probe to Mars in 2020

Китай отправит первый зонд на Марс в 2020 году

In November the exhibition in China was shown a model of the lunar probe

Flight to Mars would last about 10 months.

The Chinese authorities by 2020 plan to send to Mars its first probe. According to the published plans for the development of the space industry, China will master the technology of the conclusion spacecraft into orbit and landing of space vehicles.

China has launched its second experimental space laboratory and plans to bring a permanent space station into orbit by 2020. Beijing’s plans for the development of the space program include landing the first probe on the back side of the moon and sending spacecraft to Mars.

According to the published document, the trip to Mars will last about 10 months. The main mission lander will be photographing and monitoring of the environment of the red planet.

In addition, the probe will allow to obtain new data on the Jupiter.

Note, by 2020, to Mars plan to land four international unmanned mission.

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RIA Novosti