China showed a prototype of their Mars base

Китай показал прототип своей марсианской базы

Built by the Chinese his “Martian” base to educate students. Its full-size model located in the Gobi desert.

The Chinese have created their own prototype of the “Mars” base, full-size model of which is located in the Gobi desert, near the city of Jinchang. It was built for space education students. This writes GBtimes.

The creators claim that the base recreates not only the landscape, but also the climate and natural conditions of the red planet.

Is the construction of an open platform and nine modules, which include the vestibule of the gateway, the control center and the biomodule.

“It (base edition) will show us how to survive in the harsh Martian environment – where we settled, where we conduct experiments and the experiments that it is best to put”, – said the expert on space research, Tian Susan.

Earlier it was reported that SpaceX founder Elon Musk showed a prototype of their Mars base alpha.

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