China successfully launched a relay satellite

Китай успешно запустил ретрансляционный спутник

China successfully launched a satellite relay data Tanglang-1.

China in the night of Wednesday, November 23, conducted a successful launch of the satellite relay data Tanglang-1 (Tianlian-1), RIA Novosti reported.

The launch was made with the help of the carrier rocket Changzheng-3B from the Xichang launch site in Sichuan province.

In orbit, the satellite will join three other satellites Tanglang-1. Together, the four satellites will support the work of the global network of data relay.

This will help to improve the network coverage to ensure measuring and monitoring service spacecraft China’s Shenzhou, space laboratories and stations, which will work in orbit in the future.

The satellite will also be able to provide control and measurement of the required parameters when running the Chinese space ships.

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