China will establish in Tibet the gravitational telescopes

The construction of the FAST telescope

Telescopes will be installed at a height of six thousand meters.

China plans to place in the Tibet Autonomous region is the highest rock formation on Earth – telescopes to study the gravitational waves. This was reported by the Xinhua news Agency, citing a senior researcher of the National astronomical Observatory of China (NAOC) at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Yao Unzana.

According to him, the construction of the first telescope called Ngari-1 was started 30 kilometers South of the village of Shinyanga County Ngari. Total project budget of 18.8 million dollars consists of two phases.

The telescope is located at an altitude of 5 250 meters above the sea level. After commissioning, which is scheduled for 2021, the telescope will observe and collect accurate data on gravity waves in the Northern hemisphere.

Chinese scientists are planning to create a series of telescopes Ngari-2 in the second phase of the project. These telescopes will be located at a height of 6 kilometers above sea level. However, the date of their construction is not reported.

We will remind, in September of 2016, China launched the largest radio telescope in the world.