China will send a man to the moon in the next ten years

Китай отправит человека на Луну в ближайшие десять лет

China plans to build on the moon research station

On the South pole of the moon, the Chinese intend to build a research station.

China intends in the next ten years to implement the first manned mission to the moon. Also, at the South pole of the Earth satellite the Chinese are planning to build a research station. This writes the Xinhua news Agency.

This became known during a conference on the occasion of cosmonautics Day from China the head of China national space administration (CNSA) Zhang Ketsana.

Also in the plans China launch lunar lander Chang’e-5, which intend to implement before the end of this year.

It is also known that the country has actively developed meteorological, telecommunication, navigation satellites, and the technology for exploration of asteroids, the moon and Mars.

Earlier it was reported that an Israeli unit took dark side of the moon during the execution of a lunar mission.

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