Chinese aircraft carrier “Liaoning” for the first time went into the Pacific for exercises

Китайский авианосец "Ляонин" впервые отправился в Тихий океан для учений

The Aircraft Carrier “Liaoning”

Chinese aircraft carrier “Liaoning” in support of Navy ships headed to the Western Pacific to participate in exercises. On it informs Agency Reuters.

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“The exercises will be held in accordance with the annual plan,” reads the statement of the Chinese Navy. According to the Agency, it will be the first exercises in the open sea for the aircraft carrier.

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Earlier in December, the carrier participated in the exercise in the North-Eastern part of the Bohai Gulf, near Korea, and later was in the East China sea. The exercise was attended by a carrier-based fighter J-15. And on Thursday, December 22, the aircraft completed the exercise by refueling and combat training in the air.