Chlorine for water treatment has risen in price three times – media

Хлор для очистки воды подорожал в три раза - СМИ

DneprAzot tripled the price of liquid chlorine

After the start of production DneprAzot raised prices for the products from 10.4 thousand to UAH 33 thousand.

After the resumption of work of the enterprise DneprAzot the price of chlorine has tripled. On Wednesday, July 25, according to ekonomichna Pravda, citing the press service of the company.

So, the price per tonne of chlorine has increased from 10.4 thousand to UAH 33 thousand UAH without VAT

In a press-service of DneprAzot declare that the company has already shipped the first batch of chlorine after resume. In the period from July 22 to 24, two of the first batch were delivered to the Kharkiv water utility and Aul chloroperlidae station.

In addition, it specifies that the company now only works 10% of the total power, the work is given only chlorine group of plants.

Previously the Director of the aulsky conduit reported that DneprAzot raised prices five times.

The Association of water utilities believe that due to the increasing cost of chlorine water tariffs for Ukrainians will grow by 2-3%.


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