Choosing a tire, I think that you are God

Выбирая шину, думай что ты бог

Sitting in the car, we think about protection on the road? And the passengers? Or the pedestrians? The choice of tyres for many drivers is reduced to the question of price, not security

What actually is a bus today and why it affects length of life, tells in an exclusive interview with Alexander Sparrow, a representative of the division of the tire company Continental in Ukraine.

“Tyres for Continental 150 years of engineering experience, which was art. Modern tyre is able to combine the opposite: a strong grip for braking and low rolling resistance to save. It’s almost perfect product



Question: Why are modern tyres so expensive?

Alexander Sparrow: a Controversial statement, as not many car owners know how tires are manufactured.We used to think that the tire is just a piece of rubber with tread. Most is not the depth of research and number of tests conducted by Continental before the start of production of new models of tires. The whole process may take four years. We create more than 12,000 variations of rubber compounds that pass the tests, and then to select from the 20 finalists and some of the best. Rubber compound takes the form, “clothes” the frame and the protector, which is a work of engineering art and only becomes a bus. And this new bus again begins to go through the tedious process of testing. In the laboratory and in real conditions. Dozens of experienced test drivers in different cars around the world are testing tires in extreme conditions, passing the distance equivalent to five hundred revolutions around the Earth! They are skidding, brake, accelerate, maneuver on water, snow, ice and dirt. That is, the process of creating a “simple piece of rubber” is not so cheap.

Question: Why do these millions of test kilometres, is now impossible to design a tire on a computer?

Alexander Sparrow: it is Possible, but without constant testing in real conditions, how to ensure that all technologies work and the tires retain their quality in the daily operation in the real world. Every year 140,000 overcome the tire under test 200 000 000 km. this is What makes Continental tyres premium product. The life of the company revolves around the supply of tires for automotive conveyors. Everyone knows now how high-tech cars equipped with nearly fifty security system, but you have to remember that all of these modern technologies are kept on four tyres touching the ground area the size of a smartphone. Yes, this area holds your wheel on the road. Therefore, it is important to be 100% be confident in the quality of our product, which is confirmed by numerous independent tests.

Question: you had the claim that the bus affects the length of our lives. How?

Alexander Sparrow: the Bus should work with all security systems of a modern car, so it was the bus —a primary safety feature.

Every year on the roads worldwide are killed over a million people. In Ukraine over the past year there were 146 000 traffic accidents, of which 34 677 with serious injuries, 3,5 thousand — dead. This is a real war we are waging with themselves. According to European data, the reason for almost 26% of the accidents are the bus and only 20%, for example, brakes.

There are four main elements that directly affect road safety: infrastructure, security, car, educated driver and tires. In fact, working in these directions we have the example of Germany, show that to reduce mortality possible. In Germany from 1980 to 2010, the number of deaths fell by 75%. Now our goal is the reduction of deaths on European roads by 3.5 times in 2020 compared to 2001. And we are not limited to creating a safe tire. The company are working on new security systems. We advise municipalities, optimizing infrastructure.

And yet — teach drivers to be aware and responsible, not only for their lives but for the lives of others.