Christmas-2018: what not to do in the holiday

Рождество-2018: что нельзя делать в праздник

In Ukraine on 7 January 2018 celebrate Christmas: what not to do, the traditions and rituals of the holiday.

Every year January 7 Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas. The occasion is different from Catholic, which falls on December 25, not only the date, but customs.

For Christians, Christmas is one of the most important events of the year. Many people celebrate the holiday according to the accepted canons and traditions.

The traditions of the Orthodox Christmas and their history

Most of the Christmas traditions have survived from ancient times. Not everyone knows, originates from a particular custom.

Before Christmas, we decided to fast. The Christmas fast lasts 40 days, but very strict limitations on Christmas Eve, January 6. Its essence lies not only in eating but also in spiritual self-development.

It is from the spiritual fasting has its origin in the tradition of sowing for Christmas. People believed that freed from the negative, having tested his body and spirit for strength, they need to be planted with grain and wellbeing. So passed January 7 caroling, wishing the hosts all the best and “posevat” grain: rice, wheat, millet.

Рождество-2018: что нельзя делать в праздник

Carols for Christmas (photo: EPA/UPG)

Also for Christmas have long been covered a magnificent table. The tradition has remained until now, but before it was done it was not for his pleasure, as to attract good spirits. Our ancestors believed that in the Christmas spirits are fighting against wickedness and then they need to replenish forces.

Prerequisite table in the Holy night – the presence of 12 meatless dishes. This number is related to the number of apostles.

Besides these traditions there were also a number of prohibitions, which were also intended to protect a person and his family against adversity.

What not to do in Christmas

Many bans are also linked to the festive table and food.

In the Holy night not eating meat and animal products. This is due to the fact that Christmas lasts another post.

Before the rising of the first star forbidden, except for children and the sick.

All the dishes on the table should be tried, and to clean dishes before Christmas, absolutely not. It was considered a bad omen.

Рождество-2018: что нельзя делать в праздник

Christmas dinner of 12 meatless dishes (photo:

Also before Christmas is undesirable to go to the bath and wash at all. From a historical point of view, such a prohibition can be explained by the fact that the process was time-consuming (chopping wood, to melt the bath and heat it), and the owners were busy with preparations.

But there is a more spiritual explanation. It is believed that water helps a person to wash away your sins. And at Christmas, Christians want to cope with cleaning itself, the power of the spirit, without assistance.

It is with purity of spirit related, and other prohibitions on this day. At Christmas you can not swear and quarrel. One cannot deny someone help or compassion.

As in many Orthodox holidays it is forbidden to sew, to wash, clean, work around the house, to go fishing or hunting. This day should be dedicated to God.

Also it is impossible to celebrate Christmas in old clothes, and decorate the top of the tree than any other, except for the stars. It symbolizes the star of Bethlehem.

Despite popular belief, guess Christmas is also prohibited.

Recall, 25 December in Ukraine for the first time officially celebrated Catholic Christmas.

Ukrainians with Christmas together with the President will congratulate pikkardiyska Tertsiya.

Where to spend Christmas: snoutyuby, knight battles and mega-cake.


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