Christmas tale in “the Kievan Rus Park”

Новогодняя сказка в "Парке Киевская Русь"

The real Christmas story for children and adults from 15 December 2018 to 13 January 2019 in Ancient Kiev to the Principality of Kievan Rus (Kiev region, Obukhovsky R-n, with. Kopachiv).

Bright show program, horse shows, horseback riding and sleigh rides, hot dishes in a Princely tavern and medieval tincture, the Residence of St. Nicholas, cable car descent and speed slide, festive photo location, master classes, the fair of Christmas gifts and even new year’s eve celebration December 31 – all that and more awaits the guests in the fabulous town.

The highlight of the program will be an exciting author interactive musical performance with special effects and lights, which can become even guests. Pageant will be held on 15-16 December 19 December 22-23 December, 25 December, 29-30 December, every day from 2 to 7 January and 12-13 January. In other days “Christmas tale guests will meet the snow maiden and to invite incendiary dances and flash mobs.

Новогодняя сказка в "Парке Киевская Русь"



December 15 will be opened Residence of St. Nicholas, which will take visitors every day until January 13. Guests will be able to put the letter into the Magic box of dreams and to arrange a photo session.

Christmas characters will change each other depending on the subject. In addition to “the Christmas story” December 19, St. Nicholas will greet children, and on December 25 and January 6-7 offers a Christmas program.

In the night from 31 December, 2018 20:00 on January 1, 2019 you are waiting for a Grand celebration of the New year with bright illumination, free horseback riding, show doubles with a presentation by Olya Polyakova, Jiji, Nastya Potap Kamenskih, congratulations from the Duke and Duchess of Kiev, interactives from the snow Maiden and fireworks!

Новогодняя сказка в "Парке Киевская Русь"



Start the year January 1 bright and spend an unforgettable day after new year’s eve at pure frosty air amid the stunning architecture of the middle Ages. And from 2 to 5 January, Principality will once again get guests on the show program “Christmas tale” with all locations and entertainment, giving the opportunity to witness Christmas miracles.

Only in Ancient Kiev to Christmas on December 25 and January 6-7 for visitors of Monaco will come alive the real Christmas Nativity scene with the Virgin Mary with the Holy child, the shepherds, the Magi. Guests will witness the struggle between good and evil. And will den in old Slavonic. Then You will find a master class for the study and singing of Christmas carols.

12 and 13 Jan Ancient Kiev will visit the Old and New year. In the Principality coming 12 Months – horses of 12 different breeds in order before the guests to report for the past year. Did each of them with their homework? We will decide together.

And after the “Christmas story” celebration will continue with the Baptism, which is noted in Ancient Kiev will be as many as two days – 19 and 20 January. Includes a reconstruction of the ancient rite of immersion in the sacred waters of Jordan. The priest of Vasilievskaya Church, which is located in the Ancient Kiev, will dedicate the water of a Forest lake. Everyone will also be able to participate in the ceremony, plunged into the hole.

Warm up and rejuvenate you in a Princely tavern, tasting delicious drinks and dishes. Stay the night in the house hotel “4 rooms” or hostel.

Take family, friends and loved ones and come to the world of real adventure in the Principality of Kievan Rus!

Tickets for “a Christmas story”:

– for adults – 150 UAH. on all days except Christmas January 6-7 and Baptism – 200 UAH. new year’s eve – 395 UAH.
– for pensioners and students – 100 UAH. in the night of new year – 250 UAH.
– for students – 50 UAH. on new year’s night – 150 UAH.
– doshkolnik – free.

Ancient Kyiv in the Principality of Kyiv Rus is located not far from Kyiv contemporary is a 45 – minute drive – in the Kiev region, Obukhov district, village Kopachiv. Minibuses operate from the metro station Vydubychi according to the schedule on the website.

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