Chubarov: the Majlis will continue its defense in Crimea to be able to claim in the ECHR

Чубаров: Меджлис продолжит свою защиту в Крыму, чтобы иметь возможность подачи иска в ЕСПЧ

The Majlis will continue its defense in Crimea to be able to claim in the ECHR. This was during a press conference, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”, said the head of Majlis Chubarov Reaft.

“In Crimea today was the decision unlawful, criminal. The occupation authorities are not entitled to the occupation assigned by judges to decide the representative body of the indigenous people of the Peninsula …To demonstrate the criminality of these decisions, they (representatives of the Majlis – ed.) will use the opportunity to continue his defence in the current circumstances, they determine on the spot the occupation regime to visit the international regime and to submit an application to the international courts, in particular the European court of human rights. This is supposed to finally convince Western society and politicians, who still hope for a dialogue with a criminal authority of Putin, to convince them that almost formal grounds to protect their rights in today’s Putin regime – it’s just a wasted journey,” said Chubarov.

Today Chubarov declared a state of emergency the activities of the Majlis under occupation.

We will remind, today the Supreme court annexed Crimea recognized public Association of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people by extremist organizaciyi banned its activities in Russia. The head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov is sure that the international community, including the UN, will soon react to ban the activities of Mejlis in the Crimea annexed by Russia.

On 18 April, the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation submitted to the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people to the list of public and religious associations whose activities have been suspended in connection with the conduct of extremist activity.