Chumak told about the investigation for Ilovaysk

Чумак рассказал о расследовании дела по Иловайску

Ilovaisky tragedy was preceded by large-scale attacks

The chief military Prosecutor announced that some people had not wanted to go in for questioning for the Ilovaysk tragedy.

Deputy Prosecutor General – chief military Prosecutor Viktor Chumak in the Ukrainian radio broadcast told about the investigation for the Ilovaysk tragedy.

According to him, the deed of transfer was not closed and is still under production. Now, said Chumak, you can obtain new evidence that will help the investigation. “People who can give testimony on Ilovaisky tragedy, occupied or still occupy quite high positions.

Previously, they simply refused to come for questioning. I think that now they will come quietly for interrogation and tell everything as it happened during the planning and development of events in Ilovaiskaya” – said the military Prosecutor.

Chumak stressed the necessity of bringing the case to the end, in particular the collection of evidence.

“Whether in the decisions of signs of a criminal offense. Or whether in these decisions, political mistakes or errors in planning. And it is a little other things,” he added. In conclusion, Chumak said, “Everyone, of course want to put all, but there must be clear legal qualification of those actions.”

Earlier Chumak said that the military Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the events in Ilovaisk.

We will remind, in August 2019 the armed forces General staff said the death toll in the military fight for Ilovaisk in August 2014. Losses amounted to 220 military, another 40 were missing and 13 soldiers are still in captivity.

Earlier, President Vladimir Zelensky decided to celebrate the Day of memory of defenders of Ukraine on August 29, because on that day in Ilovaisk killed more soldiers during the war in the Donbass.

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