Church bills contrary to the Constitution – expert

Церковные законопроекты противоречат Конституции – эксперт

Rada will consider the draft laws at the meeting on may 18.

Proposed for a vote in the Parliament the draft laws №4511 4128 and regulating state-Church relations in Ukraine are contrary to the Constitution and the relevant law “On freedom of conscience and…” Church draft laws affect areas that are already defined in the Penal code, emphasizes the Director VISGRA Victor Levitsky.

In his opinion, in the event of a successful vote on may 18 project No. 4511 all organizations of the UOC (and there are 12.5 million) would be required to re-register their statutes and to align their leadership with the state (in fact, the state can assign the right of the Hierarch). “And in project no. 4128 of these organizations will have the right to change discipline and go to another jurisdiction (ie the UOC-KP),” adds Levitsky.

The expert also stressed that the religious subject is too painful, “to so rashly to interfere with it”.

We will remind, the Main scientific and expert office of the Verkhovna Rada proposes to reject both of the above bill as violating the Constitution and the current Ukrainian laws.