Cirrus: I Have a priority quality box, and not show

Усик: У меня приоритет качественный бокс, а не шоу

Oleksandr Usyk

Ukrainian boxer Alexander Barbel spoke about the desire to quickly meet glowatzki and spectacular performances.

“I am calm about talking about the fight against glowacki. I look forward to when the company will agree or will be assigned to the auction so I at least knew something, and then I train, train, train… It’s not bad, it’s good, but I have goals that I set. I wish it happened faster.

We don’t know yet where the fight will be held, if it takes place in the US, not a problem for me to box in the USA, in Ukraine or elsewhere.

A spectacular ring? There are a lot of blanks that need to have everything correctly. This I have already part of the show, people come to see the show. However, you need to fight, no matter what show you do, it won’t work. But if you’re good at Boxing, maybe you should go without music everything will be waiting for you. My priority is a quality box, and not show,“ said Usyk.

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