City dude with nature traveler: 5 reasons to buy a new Subaru XV

Городской стиляга с характером путешественника: 5 причин купить новый Subaru XV

Meet in Ukraine! Ready for travel and fun, completely renovated, stylish urban crossover Subaru XV in the official dealer network of Subaru.

Updated Subaru XV maintained their dignity and increase them thanks to the revolutionary EyeSight safety system. For the money the Subaru XV is unique in the Ukrainian car market.

Fully updated

From the design point of view the Subaru XV has retained the continuity and is very similar to the old model. But technically, it is a completely different car.

The Subaru XV was the firstborn of the new platform Subaru Global Platform designed to simultaneously improve comfort, handling and safety.

Through the use of new grades of high-strength steel, the Subaru XV was 70% stiffer. This allows the car to be more accurate in control, but also distributes the resonance of the enclosure, reducing vibration felt in the cabin. Simply put, the Subaru XV offers comfort and quiet in movement, characteristic of the higher class cars.

Городской стиляга с характером путешественника: 5 причин купить новый Subaru XV




Massive update of the platform combined with the classic principles that contributed to the popularity of Subaru. The high Seating position and excellent visibility allow the driver better control of the car and less tired driving on long journeys.

Honest symmetrical all-wheel drive and ground clearance of 220 mm allow to feel confident on the roads, making the Subaru XV is a great choice for travel in any direction.

With its signature boxer engine, the Subaru XV has a low center of gravity. That means he is good at speed and is perfect for enthusiastic drivers.

Control of the movement modes is made as simple as possible and understandable with a single button X-MODE. It can help to adjust the operation of the engine and transmission depending on what is currently under the wheels of the car.

Spaciousness in the cabin and roomy trunk make it possible to call Subaru XV family car that will not disappoint on a long trip.

As safe as possible

The revolutionary security system is equipped with Subaru’s EyeSight stereo camera with two lenses, which works on the principle of human vision. Its range, accuracy and reaction speed exceed the performance of competing systems based on radar.

EyeSight does not replace the driver and robs him of control of the vehicle. It helps to deal with human errors and fatigue. Thanks to sharp-sighted “vision” predicting danger before the driver has time to notice them.

The driver assistance system EyeSight with the help of features such as pre-crash braking, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, warning about the beginning of the movement of the car, the car in front, pre-crash throttle control can not only warn of danger, but also to help the driver avoid it.

Городской стиляга с характером путешественника: 5 причин купить новый Subaru XV



Stylish inside

The rapid appearance of the car is complemented by ultra-modern interior. The hallmark of the new Subaru XV is a high quality trim, characteristic of the higher class cars. Seats with side support will remain comfortable even during highly dynamic driving. Breathable upholstery of the seats creates a feeling of comfort in a long journey.

Management of all critical functions accessible directly on the wheel, the operational information is displayed on the multifunction screen, and an 8-inch display multimedia system allows you to manage rich content, including connect smartphones on iOS and Android.

It is available

Competition in the market of large SUVs. But the Subaru XV is here and will not hit face in the dirt, because for its price looks at the background of competitors is very advantageous.

In a basic configuration without EyeSight for 740 thousand UAH Subaru XV offers four-wheel drive with X mode-Mode and dynamic, but cost-effective bunch of the 2-liter engine and CVT. Dual-zone climate control, heated seats and rear view camera makes the car very comfortable.

The model with the EyeSight will cost only 770 thousand. Supplement for EyeSight small, considering the capabilities of the system.

Городской стиляга с характером путешественника: 5 причин купить новый Subaru XV



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