Cleveland defeated Golden state, reducing the gap in the series

Кливленд разгромил Голден Стэйт, сократив отставание в серии

Cleveland is stronger than Golden state in the fourth match of the final series

Cleveland got a crushing victory over Golden state in the fourth game of the final series of play-off NBA.

In Cleveland was the fourth match of the final series of the playoffs NBA season-2016/17 between the Cavaliers and the Warriors, which ended with a victory of owners with the score 137:116.

The most productive player in the winning team was Kyrie Irving, which account for 40 points.

Thus, trust Tyrone Lew was not given the team the Golden state to set an absolute record winning streak which consisted of 15 matches. It is worth noting that this is the first defeat of the club from Auckland in the current series of the playoffs.

Cleveland – Golden State 137:116 (49:33, 37:35, 29:28, 22:20)

Cleveland: Irving (40 + 7 rebounds), James (31 + 10 rebounds + 11 assists), Love (23), J. R. Smith (15), Thompson (5 + 10 rebounds) – start; Jefferson (8), Williams (5), Shumpert (5), Korver (3), Williams (2), Jones (0), Jones (0).

Golden state: Durant (35), green (16 + 14 rebounds), Curry (14 + 10 assists), Thompson (13), pachulia (6) – start; Livingston (10), West (6), Clark (5), Andre Iguodala (4), McGee (4), McCaw (3), Barnes (0), McAdoo (0).

The account in a series: 3-1 in favor of Golden state.

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