Clinic “Manufaktura” – a new, innovative medical center

Клиника "Мануфактура" - новый, инновационный медицинский центр

Clinic “Manufaktura” – an innovative health centre combining a modern hospital, surgical and therapeutic profile with a powerful medical-diagnostic base.

Profiles of the leading surgical clinics of the “Manufactura” is neurosurgery, orthopedics and trauma surgery (arthroscopy, arthroplasty, osteosynthesis), gastroenterology, proctology. The center provides treatments of plasmapheresis, hemosorption, ozone therapy.

Clinic “Manufacture” renders high-quality medical care in the following specialties: family medicine, internal medicine, cardiology, gynecology, endocrinology, neurology, Pediatrics, urology, anesthesiology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, aesthetic medicine.

Клиника "Мануфактура" - новый, инновационный медицинский центр



The real pride of the centre is a modern diagnostic Department, allowing for MRI, CT, x-ray, endoscopic examination, ultrasonic diagnostics, laboratory tests in accordance with international standards and requirements. New, quality equipment MRI TOSHIBA Vantage Elan 1.5 Tesla and CT TOSHIBA Aquilion Lightning fast digital x-ray Shimadzu (Japan) in conjunction with the work of qualified specialists provide accurate diagnosis. An in-house laboratory expedites the receipt of research results, which positively affects the determination of the diagnosis.

A feature of the clinic “Manufacture” is its unique location. The main building is a cosy area of the outlet village “Manufactura”. Thus, the patients of the center had the opportunity to enjoy the countryside and fresh air while being in a absolute access to modern infrastructure. Clinic “Manufacture” built on an individual project and advanced technologies, in compliance with all hygiene standards and requirements. Therefore, it will be convenient for patients of different age groups: children, adults and older people, there are all conditions for comfortable hospital stay of patients with disabilities.

Клиника "Мануфактура" - новый, инновационный медицинский центр



To break the stereotype of post-Soviet medical institutions, to combine a comfortable stay, quality service and high-quality medical care is our main goal. Comfort is evident in everything: in the interior, cosy atmosphere, location, reception, classrooms, specialists, diagnostic Department.

Special attention is given inpatient unit: at first glance it is difficult to guess what is comfortable apartment with modern renovation is the chamber of the medical institution. The only thing that distinguishes them – ultra-modern functional beds that are so necessary in patients after surgical interventions.

Клиника "Мануфактура" - новый, инновационный медицинский центр



Surgery is a special branch for clinic “Manufacture. Surgery Department is equipped with ultramodern equipment and tools, which allows operations of all levels of difficulty, use of therapies and techniques surgical procedures in accordance with international standards. Department of anesthesiology and intensive care provides a professional postoperative recovery of patients.

Our experienced medical staff, high level of equipment, the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies and individual approach to each patient provide a full range of medical services: from consultation and diagnosis to surgery and rehabilitation.