Clinton urged to fight fakes after the scandal “pizzagate”

Клинтон призвала бороться с фейками после скандала "пиццагейт"

Hillary Clinton

The former candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton has called for an active struggle with the flow of false news in the media and social networks, reports the BBC Russian service.

According to Clinton, last year the social network was gripped by an epidemic of “harmful fake news and false propaganda,” and to deal with this need at the state level and at the level of the private sector.

“Today we understand that the so-called fake news can have global consequences. This applies not only to politics or party affiliation. This threatens the lives of ordinary people who just live out their days doing their job for the benefit of their community,” she said.

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During the election campaign, Clinton herself was at the center of a deluge of false information distributed on the Internet.

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In social networks spread the message that Clinton and her chief of staff John Podesta was allegedly associated with the structure, engaged in sexual exploitation of children, which also included the owner of family pizzeria Comet Ping Pong James Alefantis. In the network, the scandal has been called “pizzagate”.

On Monday, a resident of North Carolina was arrested after he broke into with a weapon in a restaurant Comet Ping Pong in Washington, DC. He explained that he wanted to know the truth about the scandalous news.