Clinton won the election by 2 million votes more than trump

Клинтон набрала на выборах на 2 миллиона голосов больше, чем Трамп

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald trump during the debate, 19 Oct 2016

Despite the defeat in the presidential election in the United States, Hillary Clinton has increased the gap from Donald trump in the total number of votes cast for it. As processing the results of voting, the separation of Clinton from trump is already 2 million votes, reports the BBC.

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In the presidential election held on 8 November, won by the Republican nominee Donald trump. Since the voting results are counted for individual States, trump received the most votes of the electoral College. His inauguration will take place in January.

However, the calculation of the total number of votes cast for candidates in the last election, is still ongoing.

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According to the Cook Political Report, as of Thursday for trump was filed 62,2 million votes, while his rival Clinton was 64.2 million

This is the fifth time in U.S. history when the candidate receiving the most votes in the whole country, loses the presidential election.

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In 2000, Democrat al Gore lost the election to George Bush and trying to challenge the election results in court, scored 544 thousand more votes than his opponent.

Ultimately, the outcome of the election then decided by the Supreme court, which ruled that Bush won in Florida, because of voting in which the dispute arose.

This year, Clinton was able to gain many votes in such States as California, but Donald trump managed to enlist the support of the majority of so-called swing States that ultimately determine the outcome of the vote.

Recall that the U.S. presidential election held on 8 November. The elections were won by Republican Donald trump, he will become will become the 45th President of the United States. His inauguration will take place on 20 January 2017.

Trump won with 290 electoral votes with 270 needed. His rival from the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton received only 218 votes.