Clogs: In the river there was a push, maybe wages paid

Сабо: В Днепре произошел толчок, может, зарплату выплатили

Honored coach of Ukraine Jozsef Szabo commented on the upcoming matches 1/2 final of the Cup of Ukraine.

“I don’t think Alexandria in the match with Shakhtar will fire again as it happened with Dinamo. Yes, the wards of Volodymyr Sharan will have a fierce resistance, but the miner understands that this very team beat Dynamo, then it should be taken seriously. So, the Pitmen will be the main structure on the field – and taison and Marlos. Shakhtar will be in the final simply because tune in Alexandria as in the international game.

More intrigue in the confrontation of the Dnieper and of the Dawn. The opposition has lost its position in the championship, losing to the team of Myron Markevych, and Alexandria. But against it is on their field, Yuriy Vernidub’s charges remain the most troublesome opponents in recent years. Even more uncomfortable than Dinamo – three in a row away victory with a total score – 8:1.

In this match I expect a good fight, and preference is given to the Dnieper, he is now stronger. It contains great players. And most importantly, play with hunger – a push within the team did in the first, wages paid.

And dawn… Stupid lost to Dnipro in Zaporizhia. Leading – 1:0, could score the second, the third, but did not do so and got in the end is 1:2. It seems that the opposition are functionally addicted. You do see what is happening with Barcelona. She flew, obygrala rivals – 6:0, and then as if she turned off the engine,” – says szabó.

We will remind, the first match of 1/2 final of the Ukraine Cup Dnipro – Zorya will take place on 20 April in Dnepropetrovsk, which will start at 19:00. At the same time in Alexandria the match begins Alexandria – Shakhtar Donetsk.

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