Closed case Kernes, the judge resigned

Закрывший дело Кернеса судья подал в отставку

Andrey Antonov its decision motivated by the systematic failure of prosecutors to court

Andrei Antonov has also filed a statement to the High Council of justice to intervene in its activities.

The judge of the Kyiv district court of the city of Poltava Andrey Antonov, which closed the case against the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes, has submitted his resignation due to pressure. In addition, he filed to intervene in its activities. This was reported by press Secretary of the High Council of justice (SCJ) Oksana Lysenko in the comment to the Ukrainian truth.

“Antonov has applied to the High Council of justice a letter of resignation from the post of the judge of the Kiev district court of the city of Poltava, citing his dismissal of pressure on him,” – said Lysenko.

In addition, Antonov was sent to the High Council of justice a Declaration of intervention in its judicial activity. According to the document, the judge insists that the actions of the prosecutors, who did not come to the hearing “deprived the court the opportunity to render a verdict on the merits of the charges.”

Antonov also noted that the prosecutors against him, proceedings for the closure of the case Kernes is pressure and discredit. And the message of the National Agency for prevention of corruption at the close of business Kernes judge regards “as punishment for the decision”.

In a statement, Antonov asks “to take measures to ensure the independence of judges and the authority of justice.”

The High Council of justice explained that they need to perform the test and to establish whether it was committed interference in the work of Antonov.

“The final decision is taken by the majority of the membership of the VSP. The Council may, how to apply the facts of the response, and to reject such measures,” – said Lysenko.

Recall that the case against Kernes and his guards, who were suspected of illegal deprivation of liberty and threats of killing supporters of independence, were investigated from February 2014. In March 2015, the Prosecutor General’s office announced the completion of a preliminary investigation.


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