Club world Cup: real Madrid reached the final thanks to a hat-trick Bale

Клубный ЧМ: Реал вышел в финал благодаря хет-трику Бэйла

Marcelo and Gareth bale

Madrisqui club without problems has understood with the most titled team in Japan. The beginning of the game was calm and careful.

Players of real Madrid defeated Japanese Qasim in the semifinal match of the world Cup among clubs held in UAE.

The meeting, held on 19 December in Abu Dhabi, ended with the score 3:1 in favor of “creamy”.

The beginning of the game was calm and careful. To open an account real was only at the end of the first half and after the break they managed to build an advantage. In the end, a hat-trick of Gareth Bale, the Japanese team returned one goal Seven Dpi.

Qasim Antlers — Real 1:3
Goals: Dpi, 79 — Bale, 44, 53, 55

Qasim Antlers: Song Tae — Nisi (Anzai, 56), Hyun Son, Shoji, Yamamoto — Nagaki (Uchida, 46), Silva — Endo (Leandro, 82), Abe — Dpi, Serginho

Real Madrid: Courtois — Carvajal, Varane, Ramos, Marcelo — Modric, Llorente, Kroos — Vázquez (ISCO 68), Benzema, Bale (Asensio, 60 (Casemiro, 74))

Warning: Yamamoto — Carvajal

On the eve of the first semifinal of the Club world Cup in which the club from the Emirates of al ain beat the winner of the Copa Libertadores river plate.

Thus, in the final, 22 December real Madrid will play with club al ain. On the same day in the match for third place will meet Qasim and the Argentine river plate.

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