Clubs in the Premier League disrupted a meeting in the House of football

Клубы УПЛ сорвали собрание в Доме футбола

At the meeting was to decide the question of expansion of the Premier League.

Thursday, December 6, was held the General meeting of UPL, which was initiated by the League. Clubs should discuss and decide on two important issues — about the possible expansion of the Premier League to 16 clubs, as well as the issue of the fight against match-fixing in Ukraine.”

However, the meeting did not take place in connection with absence of quorum. Initially their presence at the event was confirmed by the representatives of all clubs in the Premier League, but then half of them just arrived that ultimately led to the disruption of the meeting.

“Six clubs have not reached. Four of them said their machine was broken. Now make no decisions,” said CEO Dawn Sergey Rafailov.

“According to available information, clubs this morning has received calls urging them not to participate in the planned meeting. It was also reported that these calls came from employees or representatives of the Ukrainian Premier League. Officially declare that none of the Premier League such calls do, and encouraged clubs not to participate in the meeting. This information is not true.

Given the critical need for decision-making on issues that have been put on the agenda of today’s meeting, the League has set a date for holding a new General meeting of participants of the Premier League on 20 December 2018″, – stated in the message on the website of the Premier League.

“I already called the situation a circus. Everything else I say in the face their colleagues without cameras. To do so is undignified in relation to the Ukrainian football. The last many years the trend that we have two leagues. The first is the two giants who are fighting for the championship. The other is we ordinary mortals who are trying to defend their opinion”, — said the General Director of the Carpathians Oleg Smalyuk.

Add that to the six clubs that did not attend the meeting, became Shakhtar Donetsk, Mariupol Chernomorets Vorskla, Alexandria and lions.

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